Declaration of Minor Procedure

Poems in Wuzi's Boat (Part), ink on paper; Mi Fu

STEP ONE: Download Forms

Download three forms:

STEP TWO: Declare Your Major

Complete the declaration requirements for your major(s). Obtain your major adviser's signature on the Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and the UCSC Academic Planning Form.

*Even if you have already declared a major(s) in a previous quarter, you are still required to complete step two. Checking in with your major adviser beforehand verifies that the addition of the East Asian studies minor will not negatively impact your degree progress.

STEP THREE: Complete Declaration of Minor

See the history undergraduate program coordinator during drop-in advising hours to complete your East Asian Studies minor declaration. In addition to your East Asian studies minor planning worksheet, you must bring a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and UCSC Academic Planning Form, recently signed by your major adviser(s), in order to complete your declaration.