East Asian Studies Courses 2017 - 2018

2017-2018 East Asian Studies Curriculum (PDF)

This list is subject to change. Last updated: 8/29/17

Fall 2017


CHIN 1 - First-Year Chinese (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3): D. Keenan

*CHIN 4 - Second-Year Chinese, T. Wu

*CHIN 103 - Advanced Chinese: Language and Society, T. Wu

JAPN 1 - First-Year Japanese (6 sections offered): Matsuo, Morimoto, Obayashi, Okamoto, Okamoto, Yamamoto

*JAPN 4 - Second-Year Japanese (Section 1, Section 2), STAFF

*JAPN 103 - Advanced Japanese, M. Bohn


HIS 40A - Early Modern East Asia, M. Hu

Upper-Division Electives

ANTH 130C - Politics and Culture in China, J. Zee

*ECON 126 - Why Economies Succeed or Fail: Lessons from Western and Japanese History, R. Baden

*EDUC 170, East Asian Schooling and Immigration, J. Gordon

*HAVC 122A - Sacred Geography of China, R. Birnbaum

HIS 140D - Recent Chinese History, G. Hershatter

HIS 150F - Engendering Empires: Women in Modern Japan and Korea, N. Aso

*HIS 194M - Literati, Samurai, and Yangban: Comparative History of State and Elite in East Asia, 1600-1900, M. Hu

*POLI 141 - Politics of China, B. Read

Winter 2018


*CHIN 2 - First-Year Chinese (2 sections offered), D. Keenan

*CHIN 5 - Second-Year Chinese, T. Wu

*CHIN 104 - Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature, D. Keenan

*JAPN 2 - First-Year Japanese (4 sections offered), Fujita/Morimoto/Yamamoto

*JAPN 5 - Second-Year Japanese (2 sections offered), M. Bohn

*JAPN 104 - Advanced Japanese, S. Fujita


No Survey Taught in Winter 2018

Upper-Division Electives

*HAVC 127A - Buddhist Visual Worlds, R. Birnbaum

HIS 140B - History of Qing China, 1644-1911, M. Hu

HIS 140E - Women in China's Long 20th Century, G. Hershatter

*HIS 194Y - Memories of WWII in the U.S. and Japan, A. Yang

*HIS 194Z - Historical Memory and Historical Narration in China, G. Hershatter

Spring 2018


*CHIN 3 - First-Year Chinese, D. Keenan

*CHIN 6 - Second-Year Chinese, T. Wu

*CHIN 105 - Advanced Chinese: Readings in History, D. Keenan

*JAPN 3 - First-Year Japanese (4 sections offered), Bohn/Obayashi/Morimoto/Yamamoto

*JAPN 6 - Second-Year Japanese (2 sections offered), S. Fujita

*JAPN 109 - Japanese Language, Culture, and Society, M. Bohn


HIS 40B - The Making of Modern East Asia, A. Christy

Upper-Division Electives

*ECON 149 - The Economies of East and Southeast Asia, K. Fung

HAVC 127B - Buddhist Pure Lands, R. Birnbaum

HIS 140C - Revolutionary China, 1895-1960, E. Honig

LIT 133E - Topics in Asian Modernism: Contemporary China: Society, Culture, Politics, Economy, C. Connery

*POLI 140D - Politics of East Asia, B. Read

THEA 161D - Asian Theater: An Anthropological Approach, K. Foley

*Completion of course pre-requisites or instructor permission required for enrollment. Check the Searchable Schedule of Classes for further information. PLEASE NOTE: This information is subject to change. UPDATED: 8/29/2017